Graduate route visa approved.

Today I received an email from the Home Office of the United Kingdom saying the Graduate Route Visa has been approved. I am waiting on receiving the new BRP.

Doctor visit and biometrics!

Yesterday I went for the final doctor appointment. However I was asked to come to a different location on Tuesday the 11th. Then I went to Croydon and got my biometrics done.

Happy new year everyone!

Small rant on new years eve:

  1. I too don’t what’s a “New York Rotating Visa”, but I hear that term often. Probably some R&AW agents using backdoors on a stolen visa like my visa? …

Doctor visit!

Today I went to meet with the doctor and I was a bit late. I spoke with the doctor for about 15–20 minutes. I went on Uber cab associated with my student email address

The store near the hospital sells flavored disposable vapes, I bought few vapes, hailed a cab and came back.

The same bank account was used for paying the Uber and cab fare — ICICI.

I purchased the vapes on my Bank Of America account.

One of the NHS employees visited my rented apartment today (29th)! I spoke with her for about 15–30 minutes. The chat was quite normal. I have to meet the doctors tomorrow (30th).

I am moving back to India on January 15th. I am definitely going to sue all the involved R&AW agents for identity theft, signature manipulation, impersonation, defamation, harassment, human rights violation. I have been working with a Supreme Court lawyer for the past few months on this case. And to the best of my knowledge, somehow the illegal detention under section 2 also has something to do with the illegal immigration, identity theft and R&AW cover-up.

Day 16 — Informal patient

Today I went to the hospital at about 11:15, spoke with the doctor and 6 other people at around 12:50 or 12:55. Left the hospital at 13:15. I was asked to come next week on Thursday. Normal day.

Day 15 — No longer sectioned, early discharge

Today I was discharged around 5:30 p.m No paperwork, nothing! I was asked to meet the doctor, once a week, starting tomorrow until January 6th.

Kanti Kalyan Arumilli

Founder of ALight Technology And Services Limited, victim of some R&AW identity theft coverup. Warning others of R&AW / spies manipulation and tricks!

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