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How many of you think having advanced search capabilities for websites would be nice? Advanced search as in, for example — searching for content inside a word file or pdf file? Or may be search results showing up as soon as you start typing? Or may be showing search suggestions like Google but in the search box of your own websites?

Why would anyone need such a search?

Your customers or your website visitors would have the ability to search and find the information they need accurately and fast.

Some researchers have shown most users have a attention span of 7–8 seconds before going to the next website. You would have spent a lot of effort on Search Engine Optimization to get people to know your website. Now, if people can find what they are looking for quickly and accurately wouldn’t that help? May be the prospective visitor ends up being a sales lead and a customer.

Yes, right, but seems like lot of work?

No! Partner-up with ALight Technology And Services Limited, just few lines of HTML code and done! ALight Technology And Services Limited, would do the heavy lifting on your behalf.

This is the concept for an upcoming product. The product was internally code named as WebSearch but then wanted a unique name for the product and renamed as WebVeta. Veta in my mother tongue language Telugu means Hunt. In other words hunt for your files / content.

If this concept seems appealing and if you think you might have a need, please do contact.

Few example scenarios:

Scenario — 1: Let’s say you have a multi-nation presence and all of your company addresses are mentioned somewhere in the website. And someone from Australia wanted to find your U.S.A office address or phone number — how about they start typing “U.S.A pho” and the U.S.A phone number shows up?

Scenario — 2: Let’s say you have a global corporate website, a u.k based website, a U.S.A based website with URL’s between the 3 websites. But search inside each website shows results for only that website. What if the 3 websites can show consistent search results including advanced search capabilities across the three websites? i.e irrespective of on which website, your customer is can find information from across your global corporate websites.

There are plenty of such scenarios.