How the Indian R&AW agents hacked Financial Institutes in United States and the major cover-up!

In 2015–2016 timeframe, TSYS Acquiring Solutions, used to trade under the symbol of TSS was hacked by Indian R&AW agents!

I was an employee of TSYS Acquiring Solutions in Tempe, Arizona, United States of America back in 2016. I resigned in 2016 and I am no longer bound by the 5 year NDA that I signed when I joined TSYS Acquiring Solutions.

I worked for TSYS Acquiring Solutions between 2008 and 2016. I am also an Indian Citizen but not an R&AW agent.

There are at least 5–10 major culprits. And there has been a lot of bribery, ransom that happened in the past 5 years.

My bank was Bank Of America. I opened that bank account in 2008 just before joining TSYS. All of my paychecks, tax refunds were deposited into the same bank account. After I resigned, I worked for few months for American Airlines. My paychecks were deposited into the same bank account. Then I resigned at American Airlines in 2016 and moved back to India in early 2017. Since November 2016 there were no pay check deposits into my Bank of America account. That bank account, the internal details of the bank account, the transactions on that bank account are ground truth. I had a Fidelity account for retirement savings. The deposits into Fidelity account, the internal details of Fidelity account are ground truth.

Now let’s look at the cover-up and framing by R&AW agents, bribes and ransoms.

  1. Visa manipulation.
  2. One of the R&AW agents claims to have changed surnames and / or name change and steals Visa.
  3. Fingerprint manipulation at visa counter
  4. And some bull shit propaganda about cheques. I withdrew from my very own bank account. WTF do the propagandists mean about buying identities?
  5. 5 years of harassment, framing and defamation.
  6. I reported the R&AW identity theft several times to the FBI. I didn’t mention about the potential hack because I am bound by NDA, leaking any details could potentially interrupt any ongoing investigation if an investigation is happening.
  7. Now, it’s been over 5 years, so I don’t mind speaking up anyway.

Names of the potential culprits:

  1. Srinivas — Several surnames, including my surname — Arumilli, but no I don’t have any brothers with that name, nor do I have any immediate relatives with that name. But he somehow tries to associate with my very own family.
  2. Uttam — Confirmed R&AW agent. Again several surnames, potentially my surname but no confirmation.
  3. Karan / Kamalakar / Karunakar — Confirmed R&AW agent. Don’t know his surname, but claims to be a “Don” and misuses spying equipment for harassment, identity theft, hacking. This guy also created a virtual identity under my surname of Arumilli.
  4. Veera — Another confirmed R&AW agent. Probably surname Thota. Goes under few other virtual identities of Thota Naveen etc… claims to be color blind, but he is not.
  5. Mukesh Golla — Don’t know his current identity.
  6. Bandhavi — I met a certain SpiceJet employee few years ago. But I don’t even have her contact details.
  7. Sowjanya Konudula d/o Babu Rao Konudula who became Sowjanya Arumilli after marrying me is my wife. She lives in Hyderabad, India. We got separated over 2 years ago due to the R&AW harassment. She is not the culprit.
  8. Several other Sowjanya’s: Some A.S, B.S, E.S, I.S, J.S, M.S, P.S, V.S, Y.S — Don’t know who they are.
  9. Here is the funny thing, I live single in a apartment in London. One of these female’s claim to be living with me, manipulate my deliveries and apparently she makes some e-commerce purchases on my address to say that she is my wife and try to frame me as someone else.
  10. One simple straightforward question, why would R&AW agents harass an Indian citizen for 5 years?
  11. Why would R&AW agents follow an Indian citizen just for harassment all the way to Bangkok?
  12. Why would R&AW agents harass an Indian citizen and come to London and spend so much in such a costly city?
  13. Why would R&AW agent arrive as a diplomat to harass an Indian citizen?
  14. Who is an ass? — To the best of my knowledge, I don’t know anyone with those initials.
  15. How can a male suddenly become a female? In other words, how is a female with the first name of Kanti trying to claim and steal a male’s identity?
  16. Anyway, I have lost too much of my life and lot of opportunities because of the TSYS Acquiring Solutions internal hack, R&AW’s involvement, bribes for cover-up, and ransoms. So, now I decided to speak up against the harassment, human rights violations that have been happening over the past 5 years.
  17. And the so called “All”, so called “Order”, so called “TO — Terrorist Order” are just perfect bubbles for R&AW agents to hide and live in shadows anonymously and to blame atrocities.
  18. Anyway, my U.S.A student visa has been denied about 1.5 month ago, on August 6th 2021, and I don’t care. I don’t have any plans to go to the United States anytime soon. I started a startup in London “ALight Technology And Services Limited”, if ever, if there is a need I might travel to U.S.A for business purposes, but as much as possible, I will avoid traveling to the U.S.A and try to get any meetings over Zoom / Microsoft Teams.
  19. For those of you who think this information is misleading or if I am posting wrong contact details:
  20. links to my LinkedIn profile —, My LinkedIn featured section links to this blog and my FaceBook My FaceBook has links to this blog and my LinkedIn
  21. One way links don’t have value, any imposter can link to anyone’s profile’s. But only inter-connected backlinks matter.

Founder of ALight Technology And Services Limited, victim of some R&AW identity theft coverup. Warning others of R&AW / spies manipulation and tricks!