If Mafia’s equipment, why wouldn’t law enforcement do anything?

There is a very powerful spying equipment being used by rogue R&AW spies! They might have went rogue for various reasons. I don’t know the reason, why they went rogue!

The equipment is capable of even mind-reading, whispering audio, listening, viewing / recording etc…

They definitely did black mailing or setting up traps i.e framing/defaming others. Females are probably easily blackmailed with n*de photosetc… Trapping by impersonating / shadowing / stalking. Probably even hacking, sending or stupid emails or signing up for something and then deleting emails or OTP thefts etc… My very own emails were hacked few times, and those extremist od*ur R&AW spies might have even screenshotted my emails sometimes. They might have even used invisible spying cams and might have recorded me. They might have done some propaganda or stories of affairs or defamation etc…

Why wouldn’t law enforcement do anything? Got blackmailed? Got bribed?

I don’t know exactly, but there is a chance that some of the people who went rogue with the equipment were directly related with some police in decent positions. Now, this explains some of the clearances and some people enacting/impersonating for clearances etc… In India, most police, definitely NOT all police (there might still be some sincere police) do take bribes.

I don’t know, but R&AW and some other departments might run a police verification. Some of these rogues might have bribed the police or something like that.

Moreover what is the government doing? Why are they not stopping the rogue R&AWMAAfia?


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