Opinion: India is a terrorist country!

I am an Indian citizen! And today, I am officially announcing that India is a terrorist country. Rogue R&AW agents don’t stop at anything.

Indian R&AW agents have violated human rights. And the particular R&AW agents use identities from other countries or frame the victims as of a different country to justify their actions.

From what I am hearing from different people (not official or confirmed information): Some rogue R&AW agent, went to the United States unofficially and stole identities. Even got some visa extensions.

Confirmed Fact: I am being impersonated, harassed, framed, defamation, document manipulation by R&AW agents for the past several years.

If there is any truth in the visa extensions information, R&AW agents are most likely trying to cover that. And to cover that, they are harassing, impersonating, framing and even trying to claim my bank accounts etc… Just to escape from scrutiny.

The spying equipment has hidden cameras, speakers, mind reading, some kind of water spraying capabilities. There is a very high probability of corporate espionage and who knows may be even military secrets could be at stake.

The reason, in my opinion, India is a terrorist country is because they tried to use the equipment for harassing, murder attempts, subliminal messaging. If my very own country treats me like a terrorist, I will consider my very own country as a terrorist country. This harassment has been happening for more than 3 years. Targeted hacking has been happening for more years.

I am an Indian citizen, male. I have 2 expired passports, 1 current passport, same name, same surname, same signature. My oldest passport was issued in 2002. I have Aadhar (biometrics identity card), PAN (Income Tax related identity document), School certificate at the age of 16 (1996), Intermediate certificate at the age of 18 (1998), Engineering Bachelors Certificate (2002).

If an Indian citizen is being harassed so much by R&AW agents, who even formed some kind of online propaganda group to change facts and to impersonate. How would citizens of other countries be treated? How many more international law violations?

Here are some of the far more worst things that happened:

  1. My fingerprints were manipulated at Visa offices.
  2. My X-Rays were manipulated at Doctors.
  3. I went for a X-Ray after a car accident in December 2020, I have some embedded glass shards in my palm. I have a broken finger (happened in 2015 / 2016). Magically my X-Ray does not have the broken finger. In other words, R&AW agents have manipulated at the doctors office and denied access to health care but I ended up paying for the X-Ray and doctor consultation.
  4. I tried filing a RTI (Right To Information) regarding re-issued education documents. Even the RTI application was manipulated. As in my name and surnames were manipulated in the RTI application. And they used that manipulated information in propaganda against me.

That’s the pitiful situation and the length the R&AW agents go to cover up their own mistakes. I filed complaint’s with CyberCrime in India. The response I got was, “You know some information that R&AW does not want to be leaked out”. So, in other words, police knew about the misuse and support R&AW in human rights violation.

I filed a complaint with the FBI, sent some emails and even a mail to the IRS, USCIS.

And now all of my deliveries, documents that I submit are being messed up. In other words, R&AW agents are using social media propaganda to impersonate and claim to have not made anything wrong. R&AW agents should have just resigned instead of continuing with the identity theft and continuing extensions. More than 5 years of my adult life and career have been lost because of R&AWs misdoings. I tried to start a business in India, even company registration documents were manipulated, I didn’t end up registering the company.

There were several instances of OTP theft and I reported these OTP thefts to CyberCrime, no response. I would like to hear how they would support R&AW agents regarding OTP theft, manipulation of company registration documents. This is a classic case of identity theft, human rights violation (cyber terrorism).

Until now for several years I tried to make progress in my life, trying to keep these distractions away. But my entire life is being manipulated. I am studying MBA, I was harassed while preparing for GMAT, during the GMAT exam. Even right now during MBA and while working on MBA assignments. What would be Indian CyberCrime departments response to harassment while studying?

The response about CyberCrime supporting R&AW agents incident happened at Visakhapatnam CyberCrime branch.

Today, I am fed up about all the harassment going on and in my mind, I am mentally fixed and affirming that India violates human rights and India is a terrorist country.

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Founder of ALight Technology And Services Limited, victim of some R&AW identity theft coverup. Warning others of R&AW / spies manipulation and tricks!