It’s very sad that most people from London are very innocent and don’t even understand how covert operations work.

Today, I had a conversation with a female mental health therapist at 9:15 a.m. I explained the harassment that I am going through and asked for prescription sleeping pills. The person said that I need to talk with my GP.

Based on the conversation, the opinion I got was that R&AW agents can get visa to anywhere in the world because they are backed by Indian government, why would R&AW agents steal identities? There is diplomacy and spying that’s the difference. Diplomats would probably go and do their negotiations or whatever they do and respectfully leave the country. Anything else would probably strain the relation between the countries. But when it comes to spies (R&AW — operating from the shadows), things are entirely different. R&AW — 50 years of operating from the shadows — clearly defines R&AW’s motives and how they operate. They shadow, assume someone else’s identities, overstay without proper visas and documents, ultimately identity theft. So, if identity theft / fingerprints manipulation etc… happened there is a very very high chance that R&AW agents are involved. The very description of R&AW clearly states and defines their motives.

Anyway, dear people of London and the world, please realize what’s happening. And most people think I am whatever Srinivas. No, I am not Srinivas, I am not Uttam, not Karan / Kamalakar / Karunkar / Mukesh Golla. They are the rogues, helping some female to steal identities and communist mindset people. Because, every single day I receive ransom threats. If a common Indian citizen of India is being harassed by R&AW agents for ransom. What prevents them from doing other kind of atrocities such as hacking / IP (Intellectual Property) theft?

One last thing for you to think about. If a company XYZ is offering one particular employee 10 times or 20 times the normal retirement benefit, compared to another employee at an equal pay grade level what could have happened? Few things that come to my mind: Ransom? Hack? Dark deals?

Founder of ALight Technology And Services Limited, victim of some R&AW identity theft coverup. Warning others of R&AW / spies manipulation and tricks!