Some criminal mindset terms to be aware of!

  1. How can anyone make deals about over 100% tax-free money such as 300% or 400%? And now we are not talking about startup growth. We are talking about people making deals with the devil whisperers. When you earn money and have enough reason to avoid some taxes you end up retaining anywhere between 60% –100%, but how do you get 300% and or 400%? Employment Life Insurance Scam! Playing dead and assigning a beneficiary. Economic offenders!

I will post more about the criminal mindset and criminal terms in this blog. You can always contact me on my FaceBook or LinkedIn.

Other relevant pages exposing scams and corruptions being written and hosted by me. Think about the level of corruption happening in India, if I have a separate page on my company ALight Technology And Services Limited’s official website. I am the Founder & CEO of ALight Technology And Service Limited. And here is the official information from the government of U.K’s website:



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