(contradictory title) What’s in a name anyway?

Some people (hint: spies, economic offenders), change identities or use alternate handles. Some people use fake handles for the sake of anonymity. When we want the governments to be transparent, when we want charity organizations to be transparent, why are people trying to fake anonymity? Spies — they have a reason to be anonymous. Economic offenders (People who skip on loans or credit cards out of greed (The society always helps the needy, but do not encourage the greedy!)) try to maintain alternate handles etc… for defaulting.

And most recently a cult with different names such as Order (no disrespect for the historic christian saint’s order’s, they helped the needy, protected civilians and travellers, they were not greedy), Hukam, All etc… whatever be the name of the cult have encouraged people to exchange identities. I am surrounded by such cult members.

For me my name and identity is very valuable. My morals, core values, ethics, my parents, friends, family, siblings, my education, my career etc… I don’t know if some poor or uneducated are falling for such traps and knowingly or unknowingly committing economic offences such as insurance scam / loan scam etc…

In my sincere and honest opinion, every successful person with dignity and self-respect would never change (exchange) identities. People who have zero career, zero family ties, and zero friends would probably become pariahs of the world.

Or this could be the largest identity theft scam ever i.e people who have stolen other people’s identities or people who have framed other people might be creating stories about exchanging identities.

Anyway, identity theft is a crime, and exchanging of identities is also a crime i.e trying to get away from misdeeds (whatever misdeeds such as theft, robbery, economic offences or serious crimes) without consequences.

Or people who are ashamed of their own past misdeeds might be trying to get away from the hall of shame.



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