Which country supports criminals?

Let me start this article by giving some context of a very powerful invisible spying drones equipment. India’s spies/criminals have a very powerful invisible spying drones equipment capable of video camera i.e seeing/recording/listening audio etc… speakers i.e emitting noise, whsipers, shouts and even some audio manipulation (think about talking tom mobile app)… and even mind-reading capabilities.

Given the capabilities of this equipment, and if law enforcement’s equipment, there would be some kind of controls and measures for preventing abuse. Cases would have been solved easily.

But what’s happening in India and that too with support from mainstream media and politicians? Criminals doing identity theft, identity distortion, etc… Several decades ago, Phoolan Devi (SC/ST) had illegal weapons, she thought the weapons were some kind of power! She formed a gang of dacoits, her gang of dacoits thought as though she was doing social justice or implementing parallel government by robbing from Thakur’s (one particular caste).

Now, in a similar way certain people have this illegal spying drones equipment. Now add some corrupted police into the mix. Re-issued documents etc… Now add some more criminal behavior… impersonations, defamation, black mailing, extortion etc… Here are some biggest jokes, stolen documents being shown by people with different name and those people are spreading rumors. In simpler terms, people are being blackmailed into getting dumber and not to question. I don’t know how many police or CBI or ED have the guts to take them down, but in 5 years, as the modern Phoolan Devi gains strength by having more and more people blackmailed, the situation becomes worse. BTW, if you don’t succumb to pressure, they create false accusations and defamation. For example, if they show videos of standing behind, it just means they are using spying equipment. Normal people would shake hands etc… or even hug!

These people are turning India into Cuba! I think communists are trying to take over India! I would like to see India continuing into capaitalism rather than being pulled down into communism. Modern Phoolan Devi and her gang members, leave India and go to Cuba or Korea or Mexico (I don’t know these modern Phoolan Devi dacoits have created too man Mexico stories, they should rather goto Mexico, probably to Tijuana (supposedly famous for drugs and escorts — based on some rumors modern Phoolan Devi’s gang members are offering free s*x favours in return for illegal favours).

I don’t have any fake aliases, nor any virtual aliases like some of the the psycho spy R&AW traitors of India. NOT associated with the “ass”, “es”, “eka”, “ok”, “okay”, “is”, erra / yerra karan, kamalakar, diwakar, kareem, karan, erra / yerra sowmya, erra / yerra, zinnabathuni, bojja srinivas (was a friend and batchmate 1998–2002, not anymore — if he joined Mafia), mukesh golla (was a friend and classmate 1998–2002, if he joined Mafia), erra, erra, thota veera, uttam’s, bandhavi’s, bhattaru’s, thota’s, bojja’s, bhattaru’s or Arumilli srinivas or Arumilli uttam(may be they are part of a different Arumilli family — not my Arumilli family).

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